Sunday, April 08, 2007



5 days later & I'm still bleeding quite heavy, & it doesn't seem to ease off. The cramps were quite severe yesterday so I had to give in & take some pain killers. I feel quite tired & I just want this over with so I can move on, everytime I go to the loo it's a constant reminder on what could have been. It would have been 8 weeks tomorrow, but looking back I think it died a week or so before I started bleeding, as my symptons just dissapeared. I'm grateful that I lost it earlier than later tho, that gives me some comfort at least. Travolta came round last night & we had a drink or two, first time in months! He's been great but I don't think he can comprehend what I'm actually going through, I don't think men in general can. I will be having an internal scan on Wednesday afternoon to see if everythings gone, I'm not looking forward to this, but hopefully they'll tell me everythings fine.

So VERY sorry to hear your sad news. Just recently found your blog, since my partner and I have started our own journey. Will be thinking of you in the coming weeks.
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