Sunday, March 04, 2007


Long time no see!

Sorry we've not been posting for a while. I guess we've both been feeling resigned to the fact that this may not work after all. We've both decided that we'll probably give up trying before our holiday in May, although we have yet to discuss this with Travolta. I'll be 41 in 9 days time, so I think my clock will have stopped ticking by then. I was inseminated last weekend so I'll know by my birthday if anythings happening or not, although I have been experiencing feelings down below but I think that might be wishful thinking! Will keep you posted anyway. I've been following the blog of & I've been disheartened to read that they've split up after so many years together. I just hope they can sort through whatevers gone wrong & get back together. It's been such a trying time for Ripley & myself, & we've had a few tearful times together due to the fact that we may never get pregnant, but we've decided that if this doesn't work then it doesn't work & we'll just carry on. It will take a while to get over it but at least we can look back & say we tried.

So sorry that this is proving so difficult, and to hear that you might feel you have to give up. You are right that it can be so tough on relationships.
I hope this will be the one for yo.
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