Friday, April 06, 2007


Not Good News

I started bleeding on Tuesday afternoon. I phoned my doctors surgery & they told me to go to A&E as soon as possible. I was at work at the time so left pretty sharpish. Luckily I had told someone at work the week before that I was pregnant so they could cover for me. The doctors at the hospital was so nice & reassuring, & they didn't bat an eyelid that I had brought Ripley with me. They took a blood sample to test for my hcg levels & then the doctor did an internal examination to feel if everything was ok & to take a swab. Unfortunately the bleeding got heavier, and it turns out I am miscarrying. There is so little information about this - what happens to your body. I can't write it all down now, what's happening to me, but I will. It's quite a hard time for me, Ripley and Travolta. We're going to get together for a good cry tomorrow. I know in time we'll be alright.

I just found your blog today. Im so sorry about the news.

You're in my thoughts.
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