Monday, April 30, 2007

Ripley, Travolta & I have decided that we'd all like to try again, but this time the deadlines December. Ripley is due insem at the end of this week. I'm going to wait until after holiday to give my body time to recover. So here goes back on the rollercoaster ride again!! I'm quite excited by the idea, but am worried it will go horribly wrong again, but as long as we stick to the cut off point we should be fine.

GOOD LUCK! Excited for all of you. Thinking happy fertile thoughts and sending them your way!
Thank you for your good luck message, we've got fingers, toes & anything else crossed!
Assuming you will know early next week - good luck keeping your sanity through the TWW and here's to some major success!!!
I think you're very brave to get right back on the fertiliticoaster again. Good for you. I hope you're successful. Good luck.
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