Monday, April 09, 2007

I'm still bleeding quite heavy, luckily I'm not at work due to the easter bank holiday weekend & don't have to be back until Wednesday, so least I get a chance to rest & recover before getting back into the daily grind. Ripley has been so tremendous & supportive. I feel so lucky & so loved. I couldn't have got through this whole ordeal without her. We are so gutted. We went shopping earlier & there's just so many babies & pregnant women about. I was queueing at a checkout & I was getting so angry because the shop assistant was so slow that I thought to myself that if anyone dared push, shove or talk to me I would just bark at them....luckily no-one did!! Ripley has been making sure that I have a dose of iron everyday, today we're having watercress soup for dinner...yum.

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