Friday, June 29, 2007


what is a picture worth?

I haven't written in ages, basically because I've been in constant terror that I was about to miscarry. I've had almost no pregnancy symptoms, and, in the UK, you have to wait till 13 weeks for the scan. I thought the TWW was bad, but this?!?

So, taking the money *can* buy you happiness route, we paid for a private scan today and, amazingly, there was a live moving foetus on the screen, perfectly sized for 10 weeks, waving at us, and with a strong heartbeat. We were all so scared, but, now, well, WOW!

Almost made me cry to see your little one. So happy for you! Congratulations!!!
Very, very beautiful to see! Congratulations, and we'll keeping sending our thoughts your way!
Hi I have read the whole story.
Me and my partner are just starting to search the Internet for information, wanting to become mums. We are in the UK, so your blog was a godsend. Scouting for prospective dad or dads, we have lightly discussed possibilities with 2 friends, both single gay men, but could really do with some advice on how to go about the legal side of things and also what tests would be sensible for birth mum & dad to undertake?
We hope you find time in your busy schedules to give us a push in the right direction.
You have done quite allot already with the blog, so Thank you.
Hey Juno,

Glad to find some other UK lesbians having a go at this baby lark!

Promise we will create a long post (or posts) in the next few days summarising what we did legally etc.
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