Saturday, October 28, 2006


Reading tealeaves

When I was young, one of my friend had a granma who read tealeaves. (I think some of my gran's friends did too, but they weren't as terrifying as this Blitz-hardened East-Ender which is why I remember her more clearly).

You would have to drink down a cup of hot sweet tea (yuk!) and she would grab the cup, upturn it, peer into the saucer and tell you tales about what the future held. Throughout the tale she'd be pointing at the patterns in the tealeaves, saying "see? This shape here means...".

I feel now just like I did then - straining to decipher the patterns in those tealeaves. Charting my temperature and over-interpreting every little blip.

One week's waiting down. One more and we will know one way or another. Roll on next weekend!

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