Sunday, October 22, 2006


Second Time Around

Travolta drove across town at short notice with a fresh sample lat night & we wasn't so flustered when we met up as the first night. Although Riply did put her foot in it & suggested that when we meet up socially next weekend that "maybe we could have a quicky in the toilets"....meaning me & her but it came out all wrong!! We had a good laugh about it tho & it broke the ice.

We are using 10ml syringes (without the needles of course) that we purchased from ebay. We have to wait 2 weeks now to see what happened. It's my first attempt on the 4th November, although if Ripley's poitive I'll hold off & wait & see if she's definately pregnant. Don't really fancy having 2 lots of nappies to change just yet!

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